Surface Pro 4

It seems like it was just yesterday that Microsoft released the Surface Pro 3. Yet today, we find two new Surface tablets being announced by Microsoft.

The Surface Pro 4 will sport a 12.3" screen and the Surface Book will sport a larger 13.5" screen. Pricing for the Surface Book starts at $1,499 and the Surface Pro 4 will start at $899 and moves up depending on your processor choice. Pre-orders are expected to start tomorrow, direct from the Microsoft Store.

While the two new Surface models are impressive, are they enough to lure you to entice you into picking one up? They appear to be a no-brainer for those looking to upgrade from the Surface Pro 2 or Surface series, but those who have just bought a Surface Pro 3 may be inclined to wait a bit.

Let us know what your plans are with the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book by taking our poll. Also, feel free to sound off in the comments to share your thoughts on these two new Windows 10 products.

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