Windows 10

Microsoft caught us off guard somewhat with an earlier than anticipated release of the new Windows 10 Technical Preview. Due to land next week, it pushed out earlier today to Windows Insiders allowing eager enthusiasts to get their own first look at the latest incarnation of Microsoft's operating system.

But, while all insiders can download and install it, that doesn't necessarily mean that they did, or are going to. So, did you install the new Windows 10 Technical Preview?

Even though the type of person dabbing with a Technical Preview build is perhaps the enthusiastic, happy to live on the maybe not so stable bleeding edge, download it as soon as humanly possible person, there are others who are more reserved, or even happy to skip it this time around altogether.

Bugs will be common and sometimes crippling, and even though it's not advised to install this on a main machine as your only OS, even on a secondary machine some will be happy to wait it out a while. So, which camp do you fall into? Stick a vote in the poll and your thoughts in the comments below!

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