Windows 10 for phones

It's been an exciting weekend in these parts, mostly down to finally having the first Windows 10 preview for phones downloaded to play around with. Of course, not everyone has been fortunate enough to be on the list of supported devices, but there was always going to be some disappointed Windows Phone fans. It is, after all, just a preview.

But on the flip side there's a whole bunch of people who can, and probably did, install the preview. We've been looking forward to it for some time now, and despite the potential issues, it's sometimes hard to resist. So, that's what we're asking for today's weekly poll, did you install the Windows 10 preview on your phone?

Sure, for some of you, there won't have been any choice in the matter. But if you had the choice, which did you make? We were pretty forthcoming in our warnings about whether it was the right thing to do for you or not, but curiosity sometimes gets the better of us. Or maybe you're holding off purposely for a future build? Whichever the case, drop a vote in the poll and jump into the comments and tell us why you voted that way, and how you're liking what you've seen of Windows 10 so far!

If you're on mobile head to in your browser to take the poll!