Xbox Video Windows Phone

Last year, Windows Phone 8 infamously launched without the ability to watch your content from Xbox Video. It was a sore point of contention when Windows Phone fans would argue the overall strengths of the Microsoft ecosystem. Earlier today, Microsoft finally launched a dedicated app for Xbox Video (and surprised us with a new app for Xbox Music). So, how are you liking it?  

We went hands-on with both apps shortly after their availability in the Windows Phone Store. Windows Phone 8 has always had decent support for Xbox Music. The app is notable for doing a few things that you can’t do natively on Windows Phone. For example, with the new Xbox Music app you get support for Radio and the ability to edit playlists, two things you can’t do by default.

However, Xbox Video is an entirely new beast for Windows Phone 8 users. The app allows us to rent, buy, download, and stream content connected to our Microsoft Accounts. Not bad right? Unfortunately we had a few errors at first getting some of our content to play and the app only offers SD quality – no HD for you (it's coming 2014).

That said, it’s working now for us and we’re happy to finally get our Xbox Video content on Windows Phone. How about you? Take our poll below and let us know what you think of it.

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