Instagram apps

Earlier this week I wrote about how it'd been a full year since Instagram updated its official Windows Phone app and what we, the Windows Phone users could do about it if we were unhappy. Our advice was to use something like 6Tag, an excellent third-party solution but some of the comments on the post raised an interesting question. A question we're going to put to you, the Windows Central audience.

Do we really need official apps as long as there are good quality, third-party solutions available in the store?

Instagram is but one example. Besides 6Tag we also have Instance, another of the alternatives when there was no official app. There used to be some decent options for Snapchat (yes, Snapchat sucks for killing them off, but they have their reasons), and the likes of Tinder, Sonos and Feedly all currently have no official apps for the platform but have good third-party offerings.

Better still when you search for Instagram in the Store, 6Tag and Instance come up. When you search for Tinder you'll see 6Tin. And so on. So even the non-enthusiast crowd can find these apps. So discovery isn't necessarily an issue.

But then, on the other side of the coin, is it the 'reputation' gained by having the big name official apps and having them on par with other platforms? I don't understand the appeal of Snapchat personally, but I do understand that for some people it's a deal breaker.

So, where do you stand on this? Drop us a vote in the poll down below and share your thoughts with us the comments!

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