Back in April of this year, Microsoft surprised many of us who knew inner details of Windows Phone 8.1 prior to their announcement. The big revelation was the Live Lock Screen app, which was a closely guarded secret by those at the top of the Windows Phone Dev team.

Fast forward to July and the app was finally released to the community as a beta app with much fanfare. Betas are nothing new to Windows Phone users. Indeed, many of us suffer from beta-fatigue these days. However, since its initial release, Microsoft has updated the aesthetically innovative app exactly zero times. Doh!

What is going on? Honestly, I have no idea. Developer Rudy Huyn had a role in its development, but Microsoft controls the project. If I had to guess, and this is purely speculation, Microsoft is putting it on the backburner for Windows Phone 8.1, at least as a standalone app. Performance problems were the biggest gripe of users, and I think it makes sense that Microsoft would rather build it into the OS as opposed to an app.

Will Live Lock Screen return in an OS update this year or will it have to wait until Windows 10? We have to wait until Microsoft makes their next move.

Are you still using the Live Lock Screen app on a daily basis despite the added lag? Take our poll and sound off in comments.

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