In thinking about Nokia's announcement yesterday for their CES event in January, we began looking for more any evidence of the "900"'s existence. There really hasn't been any solid info about the 900, just lots of un-sourced specs and rumors without any hard evidence. That's not to say it doesn't exist, but if you think back before the 800 and 710's release, we had plenty of leaked video footage, isolated pics and more. And that was from over in Europe. Now we are a few weeks from January 9th and outside some questionable renders, there's nothing really to hang our hats on.

Occasional Gamer

So when we looked at Occasional Gamer's "stats" page and we saw a single instance of the "Lumia 900", our interest piqued a bit. Then again, we're not ready to call this a confirmation as even that info, which is quite generic, could be faked. Likewise, there is a "NOKIA Lumia 719" and "800c" listed there as well--those however, seem more plausible if only because they're less interesting sounding. The "800c" is most likely a carrier-variant and the "719"--yeah, that's a bit odd.

Where does any of this leave us? Lots of speculation and little to go on, unfortunately. At this point, Nokia could really surprise us or just give us what we expect (a Lumia 800 on AT&T). But lets see what you folks think: