Master Chief

It's the end of another week and that means chance to take a look back over the polls and see what you, the Windows Central community had to say. The questions we asked this week were about as different to one another as possible, but we got some great feedback on both.

Over 6,500 and 8,000 readers cast their votes in the two polls respectively which is fantastic, but it also gives us a really clear picture on which to generate some results. So, let's get into it.

Should Microsoft keep 'Spartan' as the name for the new web browser?

Spartan results

As you can see the Yes vote has it by a whisker. No, not really. 80% of all votes cast think that Spartan is a fantastic name and that Microsoft should keep it. Spartan and Cortana together on Windows 10? Sounds like a pretty fearsome combination.

So, if anyone from Microsoft should be reading this...

Which OEM would you most like to see make a Windows Phone?

OEM results

There were some great answers to this, not least the 104 respondents who would most like to see Apple make a Windows Phone. Could you imagine such a thing? Probably the most unholiest of marriages you could ever get on a smartphone. All fun aside there was a pretty clear winner, and that's Sony.

Rumors of a Sony made Windows Phone have been heard before but alas, we're still without one. That's a shame, because Sony makes great phones and it seems as if the community would really welcome one, too. 3394 of the 8125 people who cast a vote chose Sony, with a pretty even spread then between Motorola and LG after that.

The 'Other' category also featured the likes of Vertu, OnePlus and Dell, but the most popular – beating Apple by a hair – was Nokia.

Anything surprise you here? Sound off in the comments below!