Microsoft Band 2

So we asked those of you sporting the new Microsoft Band 2 if you were using a screen protector or not. The Band 2 sports the latest in Gorilla Glass technology and while scratch resistant, we all know that doesn't mean scratch proof.

The poll results are in and a total of 843 votes were cast.

The majority (48%) of readers who took the poll are running around with their Microsoft Band 2 naked and believe the Gorilla Glass will do its job. Only 18% slapped a screen protector on their Band 2 from the get go and while 9 % are using a screen protector, they hate it. Finally, 26% are not using a screen protector but feel they are tempting fate.

The comments ranged from concerns about how easily the clasp can get scratched up to some seeing that using a screen protector enhanced the touch experience. It also appears that most who opt for the screen protection, wear the Band 2 on the inside of the wrist.

Personally, I've got a set of ArmorSuite Military Shield protectors that I'll try out. The original Band was in desperate need of a screen protector, but the Band 2 has the benefit of Gorilla Glass. While this is a clear advantage, if the screen protector doesn't stick out like a sore thumb it never hurts to have a little added assurance to keep those scratches away.

If you missed taking the poll on the Microsoft Band 2 screen protectors, feel free to sound off in the comments below with your thoughts on Band 2 screen protectors.

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