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With the news coming reported last week that Microsoft is in the process of abandoning the name ‘Metro’ to describe their unifying new user interface, we asked you what they should rename it?

Of course your choice will have no bearing on the matter—so we think—but it is still fun to see if we can out-do Microsoft in this area. And knowing Microsoft’s past, it should not be too hard.

The Windows Phone community responded with nearly 450 comments with each one often containing multiple entries for a new Metro name. We parsed those names and chose the top six from the list of which we thought sounded good or had positive feedback from fellow commenters.  Those top six entries are...

  • current  by expectafight
  • motion by mondokjm
  • Pure by J4rrod
  • genUI by keppn
  • cosmo by al.cantara
  • Microsoft Unity by calbro

The poll is simple: vote for your favorite new Metro name and the winner gets a $50 gift certificate to our store for anything they want. Poll closes in 2 days at 6pm EST. If on mobile, please go to m.wpcentral.com to vote in your browser.

And who knows, maybe Microsoft will take note too.