Depending on your location, we’re a little over a week away from the Xbox One launching around the world. November 22nd marks the day when we’ll finally get our hands on Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console (in addition to the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520). While Microsoft is quick to tout the all-in-one entertainment possibilities on the Xbox One, we want to know what games you’re most excited about in this week’s poll.

One of the biggest benefits of this generation is the ability to download any game to your console. No waiting in lines at stores or worrying about disc availability at retail. But you can of course still get games via discs. Either way, we’re curious what games you’ll be playing next Friday with your new console.

We’re going to focus on all the Xbox One exclusives (and a few big multi-platform games) that you can play Friday, not games coming later (like Titanfall).

Did we not list a game you’re looking forward to playing on Day One? Leave a comment with what game you’re looking forward to and why. Me? I’m personally pretty excited for both Ryse and Forza, but I obviously can’t wait for Titanfall to land next March.

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