After the news came out earlier regarding Huawei's continued refusal to make new Windows Phones, the Windows Central community began discussing other smartphone makers who they'd prefer to see make one. While the Windows Phone portfolio has seen new additions in recent times such as BLU and Yezz, along with repeat performances – in some areas – from Samsung and HTC, it's Microsoft's own Lumia brand which dominates the landscape.

But there are a lot more companies out there making a lot more phones. So, if you could choose any one of them at all, which OEM would you most like to see make a Windows Phone?

One name getting a few mentions is Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer has taken the smartphone world by storm in its very short life so far and has quickly risen to become one of the top names by volume in the world. The mix of high-end hardware and an affordable price point attracts many, and now Xiaomi has a device portfolio that covers the more budget conscious buyers, too. And all this without an official presence in non-Asian markets.

Others to consider would be a return of LG, or something completely wild and as yet unseen like Motorola, its Chinese owners Lenovo or even Sony. Rumors of a Sony Windows Phone did the rounds some time ago, but we're still in a world without a combination of their excellent hardware and Microsoft's OS.

So, let us know where your desires lie. Drop a vote in the poll and your thoughts into the comments below!

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