The Microsoft Band is the hot new wearable from Redmond. We've been playing with this fitness tracker over the past few days and like it a lot. It tracks your heart rate throughout the day, offers guided workouts, provides text notifications and works with all major smartphone platforms. Plus you get some basic Cortana integration if you use it with Windows Phone. It's only available in the United States right now, but would you get one if you could?

We know the device isn't available outside the United States. So instead of complaining in the comments, just let us know if you'd get a Microsoft Band if it was available in your region.

Though, don't feel too sorry if you're not in the US. Those in the United States are having a hard time getting a Microsoft Band since it sold out recently after going on sale. And despite some sensationalist headlines you might see online, it's not sold out because of an artificially limited supply.

Living abroad and want to take the poll? Pretend the Microsoft Band is in your region and available.

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