In 2014, our social lives can be wildly complicated, especially with all the different choices users have from phones to clothes to politics. What better way to measure people's interests than with a poll?

Straw ( is a new service that lets you create and share polls with text or pictures right to your Facebook, via SMS, Twitter, and more. The service is super simple with just you creating the choices, adding any optional photos, and checking off which social networks to publish.

Evidently, Straw has an app in development for Windows Phone, although the beta appears to be open to the public (hopefully that does not change). The app is also in development on iOS and Android, though those apps are in private beta and require signups to get on board. The real news here is the Windows Phone app looks to co-launch with the other operating systems out the gate.

The Straw app itself is very well done. Users can login through various means, including Microsoft Account, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. The app is ready to run on all Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 devices, including those with 512 MB of RAM. It is fast, fluid, and it has a nifty wide Tile too. Considering it is still 'beta', the app is looking very strong so far, and Straw as a service could be a great tool in your bag for some social fun.

You can see an example poll created by Microsoft's Ben Rudolph. Clicking the link on a social network brings you to the website, so users do not need an app to participate.

Pick up Straw, send them feedback, and let us know what you think in comments!

Via: Ben Rudolph

QR: Straw