Polyhegrams is another Windows Phone gaming title in the works that is a product of the AppCampus. AppCampus is a joint venture between Microsoft, Aalto University in Finland and Nokia to promote quality Windows Phone app development such as Dark Lands, Project Tripod and now Polyhegrams.

Polyhegrams, pronounced Pol-EE-HE-grams, is from LateNight Apps (named for the hours spent on development) and the game is a unique twist on traditional word games. The game is a combination of boggle-styled games, word search, word riddles and fill-in the blank word puzzles all in a 3D environment.


The letters are wrapped around dice shaped polyhedrons. Each side of the polyhedron has a single letter on it which is used to solve a riddle or challenge. You form words by tapping on the first letter, rotating the die, then selecting the next letter.

Polyhegrams has a single player, story mode as well as a multiplayer and head to head modes. Multiplayer games are real time challenges that run every four minutes (much like a 3D Wordament game) and the head to head mode works on both local Wi-Fi networks as well as over the internet.

Polyhegrams sounds like an nice addition to our Windows Phone word game library and is expected to launch mid to late July.  We'll keep you posted on the game's development and if there's a need for beta testers.