Fanband is a one stop shop for a broad range of themes to personalize your Microsoft Band. The app has over a thousand themes to choose from the world of sports, video gaming, movies and more. The app was recently updated to make it easier to find new themes that have been added to the mix.

It may sound like a minor update, but being able to view the most recently added themes can come in handy. Before you had to sift through each theme category to find new items. The new themes were marked, but it could be a tedious process to find all the new themes. The new feature allows you to view the most recently added themes at the press of one button.

Fanband Newest List

Fanband's original "Most Popular" command and icon has been around for some time and lists the top themes. With the version 2015.1124.0.0 update, this command and icon has been renamed to "Lists" and when you tap the icon you can view either the "Most Popular" or "Newest" themes. By default, the command will display the most recently added forty themes.

On a side note, this feature came about at the request of several Fanband users. Liquid Daffodil, the developers behind Fanband, has always been responsive to user requests and this is just another example of the company's efforts to meet user's needs.

Fanband is available from both the Windows 10 and Windows Phone Stores currently running $1.99. It is a universal app with support for both the original Microsoft Band and the Microsoft Band 2.

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