Pocket Casts Windows Phone

There are several podcast apps — both third-party and official — available on Windows Phone, but the lack of a solution as robust and feature-filled as Pocket Casts has left a void in this segment. That's all set to change soon, as the developer behind the app — Shifty Jelly — stated that work is underway in bringing Pocket Casts to Windows Phone.

Pocket Casts boasts a comprehensive feature set that includes automatic downloads, syncing of podcasts across devices (managed via a free Pocket Casts Sync account), a discovery feature for finding new podcasts based on the genre or publisher, actionable notifications, playback control settings and continuous playback. The app boasts a great design and user interface, and judging by the image posted above, it looks like that design flair will carry over to Windows Phone as well.

As a long-time user of Pocket Casts on Android and the web, I'm very excited at the imminent launch of the app on Windows Phone. If you need to familiarize yourself with what the podcasting solution offers, head to our sister site Android Central for everything you need to know about Pocket Casts.

Source: Twitter (Russell Ivanovic)