It looks like popular task management app Trello could be coming to Windows Phone with an official app.

While it is still likely a ways off, the company is currently looking for a Windows Phone developer to create an official app for the platform and bring its Windows 8 app up to speed.

If you're unfamiliar with Trello, it's a service that allows you to easily create and manage lists of tasks on "cards" which are then synced across your Trello account on all of your devices and the web. While the service is pretty great for individuals, it also allows groups to collaborate, assign tasks, and stay in sync with what needs to be done as well.

If you're an interested developer, Trello says that it is looking for someone who is passionate about creating Windows and Windows Phone apps, with successful example work to back it up.

As noted above, it could be a bit before we see an official Trello app on Windows Phone. However, the fact that such a popular service is heading that direction is good news for the platform as a whole.

Source: Trello