AppFlow Windows 8

Team Distinction, the developer house behind apps like WeatherFlow, SkyScanner and CocktailFlow has announced that the popular Windows Phone Store browser has hit the Windows 8 Store. AppFlow for Windows enables consumers to check out the latest content on the Windows Store in a unique way, just like on a Windows Phone. 

App discovery is fairly difficult on Windows 8 and while Microsoft is surely making improvements in Windows 8.1, it's good to see developers looking to lend consumer a hand in locating gems to download. Apps are broken down in multiple categories and overall it's simply a more pleasurable experience to rock and roll in browsing around for new apps to try out.


We'd recommend giving AppFlow a go. It's free, available today and you can always revert back to the refreshed Windows Store for all your app needs. You can download AppFlow from the Windows Store - available for Windows 8 and RT.

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