While the Nodo Update has brought a series of improvements to Windows Phone 7, it appears it may have also brought a touchscreen bug to Windows Phone as well.

As you can see in the above video, the bug deals with the touchscreen's multi-touch capabilities. The bug doesn't effect single or double touch points but when your multi-touch deals with three or more points the the screen won't hold the points for long.  They basically disappear.

We've tested the bug on our own and found it doesn't seem to effect the WP7 game Quadra with no problems experienced playing with three points on the screen. But with Piano 7, if you hold three keys down simultaneously, after about three seconds the hold disappears (much like you see towards the end of the video). However, I didn't experience any random launches of apps or have to lock the screen to correct any errors.

So, anyone else having issues with multi-touch after updating to Nodo?

Thanks goes out to Grant for tipping us on this!

Update:  Possible bugs are put out there not only as a caution but also to solicit experiences from other users.  The video's author has reached out to us and confirms what many have mentioned in our comments.  The bug appears to be exclusive to the Samsung Focus receiving the official Nodo Update. According to the author, the bug may be a firmware issue that was created during the update process.