The AT&T news keeps on a'comin' this weekend. After getting an idea of when the HTC Touch Pro 2 (aka Tilt 2) may be released, and then seeing it show up in inventory, the Boy Genius Report now says it has pricing information for it, as well as a couple of other anticiapted phones. Let's do this the easy way:

  • Tilt 2: $299 after contract and $50 rebate; $499 retail.
  • Touch Diamond 2: Codenamed the Warhawk and already seen at the FCC, will be known as the Pure and will go for $199 after contract and $40 rebate. Retails for $349. Update: BGR's updated and it now appears that the Diamond 2, er, Pure will go for $149.99 after contract and $50 rebate. (See the pic here.) The retail price still stands (and is pretty darn good).
  • Garmin-Asus Nüvifone G60: It lives! And it'll cost $299.99 after contract and $100 rebate. Will retail for $549.99.

No word on release dates for the later two phones, but remember that we're expecting the Tilt 2 in about a month.

(And remember, folks, the above picture is just an early render of the Touch Pro 2 and Touch Diamond 2 on AT&T. We're actually expecting the Tilt 2 to look like this.)