Microsoft’s PowerPoint is one of the most used applications in the business world (see our Office Hub review here). One of the newer features in PowerPoint is the ability to broadcast your presentation simultaneously to people in multiple locations. This facilitates conference calls and is of great use to businesses looking to enhance communication and maximize the use of available resources.

Hit the break for more details on what you need to make this work.

There are three pieces to a PowerPoint broadcast. First you have the host computer, which has the PowerPoint slideshow that you want to broadcast. Once you have your slideshow ready to go, go to the Slide Show tab, and click the Broadcast Slide Show button. This creates a session on a Microsoft Server (which is the second piece), and a link to be shared with the people you want to broadcast to. The last step is for the people who wish to view the broadcast to visit the link. The best part is that Windows Phone 7 supports this functionality with no setup required. Simply tap on the link and the PowerPoint show is displayed directly on your screen.

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