Phone News points us to a forum thread where a lucky devil got some face time with the upcoming Sprint PPC-6800. It was a prototype, so some things may change. My vote for one of the "things that may change" is definitely the bit about the OS - it's running Windows Mobile 5. FIVE? That's so last year.

Anyway, look forward to getting rid of the antenna, spring-loaded slider (going the other way), and.... not much else. Processor and Memory look to be about the same as its predecessor, the PPC-6700. Ok Ok, look forward to the pretty, because this thing is a lot less bricky than the 6700, thank the gods.

Windows Mobile 5 AKU 3.3
qualcomm MSM7500 400 MHz processor
173.63MB of storage memory
48.54MB of Program memory

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Update: Here's the Telus version for you Canadians - which is called the HTC P4000, for those of you keeping track.