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Update: The Lumia 920 is still hidden from the Best Buy system but if you use this link, you can still find it and evidently pre-order it. Thanks, anujtwp, for the link

Just this morning we woke up gleefully to find that Best Buy was finally taking pre-orders for AT&T’s Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X. Even better was what seemed like a fair price for the Lumia 920: $150 on contract, coming in below the normal $200 mark for high-end smartphones.

But alas, something is awry and the Lumia 920 has gone missing from Best Buy’s site. Even more odd is how the HTC 8X is still listed for pre-order. Glitch? Error? Sold out? We really have no idea and hopefully tomorrow either we’ll wake to find it fixed or we’ll ask Nokia if they know what’s going on with the whole deal.

In addition, some people who have pre-ordered the Lumia 920 mentioned to us a ship date of October 23 or 24th. While we don’t have any knowledge if that is accurate, we’re leaning on this being an error from Best Buy. We’re not expecting that phone to ship until November 4th—but hey, we like surprises just like anyone else.

Thanks for everyone who sent this in!

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