Our friends over at PreCentral have taken notice of all the racket going on over here. Apparently all the ruckus over the release of the Mango update is making others take notice.

Tim Stiffler-Dean, who moonlights around these parts from time to time, has written up a very nice article and takes a look at the competition from a webOS point of view. It's not a case of a webOS site slamming a competing OS but rather a constructive observation on what Mango has brought to the table. For example,

Though these improvements are very good, they don't quite do everything I would have liked. The new multitasking feature is a great example of this: Hold down the back button to go into "card view" and see all of the apps you currently have open and quickly switch between each one. The limitations are seen when you realize that developers have to build their apps to specifically to take advantage of the multitasking APIs.

Kudos are also given to the speed of Mango, enhanced Twitter integration, and Live Tile improvements. All in all, PreCentral gives Windows Phone 7.5 a fair shake and sees it as a natural fit for webOS user should they look elsewhere for their smartphone needs.  While the article recognizes that it is hard to talk down on Windows Phone 7.5 for long, it also notes that there is still room for improvement.

No argument here. Windows Phone 7 was the first step in a long journey for Microsoft. Mango was the next step in this journey to build a great mobile operating system. And we'll agree with Tim that Mango is a big step (in the right direction) for Windows Phone.

You can read all of Tim's observations on Windows Phone 7.5 over at PreCentral.