Is predictive text worse now than it was on Windows Phone 8.1?

A question by forum member DallasXanadu was recently posed about the state of the predictive-text feature in Windows 10 Mobile compared to how it was on Windows Phone 8.1. DallasXanadu asked, "Is it just me, or does predictive text on 10 mobile feel inferior to 8.1?"

04-08-2017 11:13 AM

Is it just me, or does predictive text on 10 mobile feel inferior to 8.1? Instead of suggestions based on what I've typed, it seems quite certain that I've mistyped and suggests words with completely different letters, right up until I only have one or two letters left. On a positive note, it is relearning my particular world, and now knows that Margarita Tuesday is a thing. However, it no...


The poster went on to say that Windows seems to be learning words particular to their personal lifestyle ("Margarita Tuesday" exists, for example), but that it also insists certain words are mistyped when they really aren't. There are already a few answers to the question, but we need more longtime Windows phone users to weigh in.

Is it true that predictive text in Windows 10 Mobile is worse than it was in Windows Phone 8.1? Head over to the forum and please share your opinion on the matter.

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