DivvyUp for Windows Phone 8 is one of our favorite apps. It makes bill splitting after a meal quick, easy, and painless. The optical character recognition technology that DivvyUp uses to automatically split the check also makes it a fun little trick to show off to your friends. As part of Cyber Monday, the in-app purchase in DivvyUp will be free.

DivvyUp is already a free app. The base experience you get includes the ability to manually itemize receipt in all currencies, a tip calculator, quick split, and much more. That part of DivvyUp alone makes it worth recommending to folks, but it’s the premium features that really make this a unique app.

Normally you’re paying $1.29 to unlock the premium features in DivvyUp. Those features include the ability to automatically itemize the receipt using OCR, save previously itemized receipts (useful for business meals), email receipt breakdown to other diners, and also the ability to customize the app’s theme to any color.


It’s worth pointing out the OCR engine is currently optimized for receipts in the US. The reason is because the algorithms used to identify relevant items are tuned for those in the United States. For example, the OCR might read “Subtot 1” but the algorithm will assume that’s a typo and that it really means “subtotal”. Which is exactly why the in-app purchase is free for users in the United States today. 

Today you’ll be able to get those premium features for free. So head to the Windows Phone Store and pick up DivvyUp today! You can also use the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app to get it. 

QR: DivvyUp