We're getting real close to Mango being pushed out to the masses, so it's only appropriate that we show what we've got coming up. Our developer Jay Bennett has been hard at work with v1.4 which will unleash the Mango power:

  • Multiple Live Tiles - pin sub-sections like Games, Reviews and Apps to your Start screen
  • Flipping Tiles - tile reveals latest headline, last update when it flips over
  • Toast Notifications - get alerted to the latest story within 10-20 mins of the story; notifications also deep-link to the story itself
  • Live Tile counter - Shows number of new stories awaiting your review
  • Fast app switching
  • Background downloading - app will download story text in the background, making articles load faster on launch
  • Enable/Disable System Tray - for those who insist on seeing the time, battery life, cell signal, etc. you can now have this area show within the app
  • Live Tile settings - see what tiles are enabled, when they will next update and other diagnostic info
  • Podcast overhaul - Play podcast with app in background (uses music controls); Mobile Nations podcast support, fast forward/rewind, podcast episode description and graphic, resume at last left spot if stopped
  • Etc: bug fixes, other minor enhancements, things we forgot to mention

So as you can see, this will be quite the nice update. We're nearing completion of the beta and should have in the Marketplace sooner than later. For those of you on Mango, you're sure going to love this update. Stay tuned, folks...