WP Central Problems with Windows 8 Twitter apps reported

We have been contacted by developer of Cowlick! And glƏƏk! to advise us of some problems that are being seen with their Windows 8 Twitter clients.

We understand that the problem is also affecting other Windows 8 clients such as TweeTRO also.

The problems stem from “an unannounced change” that Twitter has made which is causing problems with all API actions that use HTTP “POST” such as Authentication, Sending Tweet/Retweets. The issues are said to show themselves when adding accounts or it just causes the app to lock up (freeze).

We’re informed that changes have been made to Cowlick! and glƏƏk! so make sure to check for updates. We featured glƏƏk! yesterday in our essential Windows 8 apps feature so we’re glad the developer has come forward so quickly to help get the word out to their users. 

Twitter have been making some wide ranging changes to their APIs and they are certainly new to making some changes leaving developers in the lurch. As Twitter continue to seek ways to monetise their service effectively we’re likely to see further changes down the road. As the company has built up is business by having such a rich eco system of 3rd party developers it seems a shame they are now clamping down so much.

At present there is no official Windows 8 twitter app in the store but some functionality can be garnered from Microsoft’s People hub. We certainly hope these continued API changes don’t adversely harm independent developers further especially since Twitter don’t seem capable of building their own clients out in a timely manner.

If you’re experiencing problems with other Twitter apps do let us know. If these API changes are affecting you as a developer we’d like to hear from you.