The second video in a series of "60 Second Productivity Hacks, Tips and Insights on How to Get more Out of Our Everyday Technology Tools and Platforms" just popped up on the official Microsoft Lumia youtube channel (in case you missed the first video related to using IFTTT to automatically backup Instagram photos to OneDrive, you can watch it here).

I actually learned something new from today's tip, which focuses on allowing a website owner to embed a Skype button on their site, making it easy for site/store owners to provide customer support via Skype even while on the go. Be sure to watch the video for the step by step details. After watching this, it makes me think we should add a Skype Call button to our Windows Central Store customer support page. As a customer, would you use the Skype button over an email or a standard phone call?

Source: Youtube, CrowdCentric

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