Progressive cellular company CREDO Mobile (web site) told Kevyn, over at Glance and Go Radio, that they will be adding a WP7 handset to their lineup later this year.  While they did not specify exactly what models they will be offering, the HTC Arrive is a likely candidate, as CREDO is a reseller of Sprint's network, and not a carrier themselves. Still, we could see the CDMA Trophy or even perhaps a new Mango device as well.

For those of you unfamiliar with CREDO Mobile, they are a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) who donates a portion of their proceeds to non-profit groups such as Rainforest Action Network, Project Vote, Human Rights Watch, and the American Foundation for Equal Rights.  Every year, members nominate what groups they would like to support and then vote on how much funding each group gets.  You can see a list of organizations that they currently support here.

In addition to supporting social change groups, CREDO also plants 100 trees per ton of recycled paper they use, offer solar chargers, recycle old phones, and work with to offset their own electricity usage.  And if doing good for the world weren't enough, they also offer contract buyout credits and phone number porting for prospective customers.

Being that Sprint seems to be giving up on the Windows Phone for the time being, it's wonderful to see that the HTC Arrive could get put to some good use.

Source: Glance and Go Radio; Thanks, Kevyn, for the tip!