Ever wonder what it takes to develop an app, and get it into the Windows Marketplace for Mobile? Developers Alex Feinman and Chris Tacke are the duo behind Project Resistance, which offers an inside look at the processes.

From their blog:

Project Resistance is intended to be a fully transparent view into the process of conceiving, developing and selling an application for Windows Mobile. The idea here is that anyone will be able to look at how sausage gets made.

We're going to start by creating a production-quality application, following best practices for coding, etc. etc. All of the source code will be published here, and we will blog about the process, the thoughts we have, and the hurdles we encounter. Bear in mind that Alex and I are already experienced WinMo/Win CE developers, so it's not going to be a beginner's How-to type of process. We're not here to teach you how to wire up an event.

So, it's not really for beginners. But it looks like it will be a really good look at what devs go through in bringing us the thousands of Windows Mobile apps available today.

And as a side note, Project Resistance has sparked a smiliar project for an iPhone app, and it should bring about some great material. Case in point: "Looking at his posts and how easy a time he's having so far makes me almost jealous. If it weren't for the facts that you have to subject your eyes to the abomination known as Objective-C and you have to work on a Mac I just might be."