A new listing for Project Scorpio, Microsoft's next Xbox console, is now up on the Microsoft Store. And while that is sure to stoke some hype for anyone salivating for more than the small bits of information we already have about the console, there's unfortunately nothing new to divine from the listing.

Project Scorpio appears on the Microsoft Store, but you can't buy it (yet)

The page itself (via OnMSFT simply lists some general specs and facts that we've known about Scorpio since it was initially teased at E3 2016. The 6 teraflops of graphical power, true 4K gaming and high-fidelity VR, and compatibility with all Xbox One games and accessories are all mentioned. The listing does, however, have a button for you to sign up for email updates to get more information when Scorpio is available.

It's probably wise not to take this as anything other than Microsoft preparing for an eventual pre-order page once Scorpio is actually announced and more information is out there. As for when that might be, there's no firm window. It's possible we could see an E3 announcement, but Microsoft's Phil Spencer recently hinted that we could even see a pre-E3 reveal on an episode of IGN's Unlocked — though he stressed there aren't any plans at the moment.

Regardless, you can hit up the Microsoft Store now to see the page and sign up for updates on when the console is available if you like.

See at the Microsoft Store

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