Project Spark

Project Spark, the game creation tool from Microsoft that was officially released in October for the Xbox One and Windows 8.1 platforms, now has nearly 100,000 user-made levels to download and play, according to an update from the Team Dakota development team.

The update, written by Project Spark team member Rahul Sandil, stated:

"It turns out, a lot of creators made a lot of things. The community changed us, our approach and our ultimate Project Spark experience in so many ways. We knew Project Spark would be a boon to creators and players. But we never could have guessed how many different kinds of experiences the community would make with our tools. There are games, movies, sculptures, fan art, assemblies, homages, experiments, tutorials, starter kits, modular kits, prop kits… and that only covers half of the creations! These creations were consumed with gusto by our amazing player community with more than 8 million downloads of UGC levels."

Project Spark now has quite a few official Content Packs to download for creators to use in their levels and more are planned for 2015. However, before the year ends, Team Dakota will launch one more Content Pack. Sandil says:

"Our next content for creators is the Epic Artist World Builder Pack. This pack, to be released on December 30, unlocks the ability to tint your terrain, make your terrain textures move and scale, set physics on your terrain and turn on and off terrain rendering properties. This pack will also increase your ability to record custom animations with Kinect from 1 to 10 minutes. We want to put more creation tools in the hands of our community and this is one of those packs that does just that."

Source: Project Spark