Project Spark

The previously promised Xbox 360 version of Project Spark, the game creation app created by Microsoft and its Team Dakota group, now faces an uncertain future. The game will ditch its "beta" tag for the Xbox One and Windows 8.1 ports on Tuesday after several months in open beta testing.

When Project Spark was first announced, Microsoft said it would be released for the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows 8.1. However, the company only released beta versions of the Xbox One and Windows 8.1 ports, and never did so for the Xbox 360 platform. We contacted Microsoft to get a status update on the Xbox 360 version. Today, we received a response from a company spokesperson:

"In terms of the Xbox 360 version, we ultimately decided that in order to make the best game possible, we needed to focus our resources on Xbox One and Windows 8.1 to honor our commitment to gamers and our already passionate fan base. After we launch on those platforms, we will look into bringing "Project Spark" to Xbox 360."

That response indicates that Microsoft has not started developing Project Spark for the Xbox 360 and that the company will only "look into" this possibility in the future. This has to be something of a disappointment to Xbox 360 owners and may indicate Microsoft is slowly losing interest in making games for the nine year old console.

Are you disappointed that Microsoft has now backtracked somewhat on its commitment for an Xbox 360 version of Project Spark?