Making an app that’s successful enough to quit your day job is a dream most mobile devs at one point or another dream of. Eddie Kezeli is living that dream right now with Windows Phone and his ProShot camera app. The Windows Phone Developer Blog recently chatted with Eddie and has some really interesting information and insight on how he went from looking for a job to working solely on his apps and games.

Eddie offers some pretty interesting insights for other developers to learn how he was able to find such great success in the Windows Phone Store. Things that might seem obvious, but are often forgetting more often than you’d suspect. For example, Eddie really recommends developers take time to get the user experience right. For him it’s the most important thing when building apps and games, especially ones as popular as ProShot.

Another way that works hard at making killer apps is by engaging his users directly. He says he frequents forums, like those on Windows Phone Central, and engages directly with fans of his apps and incorporates their feedback. Here’s what he has to say on the tip:

“By responding to users’ questions on the forums and acting quickly on their suggestions, I have earned myself the most effective marketing—word-of-mouth.”

ProShot is one of our favorite photography apps around here. It was one of the first camera apps to give users full control over things like shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation, and much more. It’s jam packed with crazy awesome features like a built-in intervalometer for timelapses, a self-timer and more. Be sure to grab it from the Windows Phone Store. (Trial/$1.99)

Want to find success on Windows Phone like Eddie did? Be sure to read his full interview with the Windows Phone Developer blog. 

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