While some Lumia owners with the GDR2 OS and Amber update can now use the Nokia Pro Cam app to leverage advanced camera features on their device, the original ProShot continues to evolve and it still offers a noteworthy alternative.

Today, version 2.8.3 is available on the Store and it now controls some GDR2 features that weren’t previously available in earlier builds. It’s also touted as being faster than Nokia Pro Cam, though at least for Lumia 1020 owners, you won’t get those 38MP photos. So what’s new?

ProShot version 2.8.3 (8/22/2013)

  • Image processing pipeline overhaul: shot-to-shot time now a full second faster! Faster than Nokia Pro Cam*
  • Increased ISO range up to 4000 on compatible devices*
  • Added Macro / Infinity AF modes**
  • Added 3 second option to timelapse*
  • Added double-tap shortcut: double tap menu items to select them and close the panel
  • UI tweaks, improvements, and many bug fixes

* Requires GDR2 OS update (build 10320 and higher)

** Only compatible with Nokia devices with GDR2

While some may prefer the UI of Nokia’s Pro Cam, it’s all about what you are comfortable with when shooting. ProShot does offer 5FPS “burst mode”, macro settings and the ability to save pre-sets, all of which give it a slight edge over Pro Cam, especially for the 92x Lumias. Unfortunately it can’t be made a default camera app, though we hope to see something like that in the future, if possible.

Certainly ProShot continues to deserve attention from avid photographers and it is worth your time to evaluate its efficacy. Those with Windows Phone 8 devices can grab it here in the Store. $1.99 with a free trial.

via: Windows Phone Central forums

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