Rise Up Games have been busy working on updating their Windows Phone 8 app ProShot. Another update, version 2.4, went live over the weekend bringing a handful of features and fixes to the camera app.

The version 2.4 update adds a 3X Zoom and a Black & White mode. The zoom feature is your typical "pinch to zoom" style. It's a digital zoom, as opposed to optical, and just tinkering with it around the house, it gets decent results.  Zoomed images are resized from the original of 3264x2448 down to 1088x816 pixels but the quality was rather nice.

ProShot Screens

The Black & White mode is found under the Image Tab on the side menu bar. With version 2.4 you have two options, color and black & white.

Additional components of the version 2.4 update include:

  • An overhaul of the viewfinder code
  • A fix for the time lapse bug that shut things down after fifty frames
  • A fix for the focusing bug with secondary modes
  • Other user interface fixes and tweaks.

ProShot Zoom Sample
ProShot 3x Zoom Sample

There is a trial version available for ProShot with the full version running $1.99. It's a nice alternative to the native camera app and you can find it all here at the Windows Phone Store.

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