For the last few days, many tips have been rolling in about 6tin, Rudy Huyn's Tinder client. Huyn's apps have had a hit and miss record with some companies who's IP is involved with his creations. This is why when 6tin went missing recently, people started to fear the worst.

Luckily, in this case at least, 6tin is missing merely due to some Store problem.

Although rare, on occasion a submission by a developer will be flagged or yanked for a variety of reasons. Due to the Store approval processing being automated, it can take a few days before an actual human gets to the support ticket to resolve the issue. This seems to the case here, so the freak outs can be put on hold, at least for now.

However, there also does not seem to be a huge update coming either. For some reason, people have it in their minds that when an app disappears from the Store, a big, new shiny version is coming. For the record, there is no connection between app updates and apps disappearing. If a dev pulls the app from the Store only to update it later on, well, this is a rather dumb developer (there's no technical reason that would need to happen).

New 6tag filters on the way

In related news, we should also mention that Huyn has an update to 6tag, his Instagram app, due later this week. This update will finally bring those 'new' Instagram filters to Windows Phone users, something that is now a few months behind. We will keep you posted on when that happens.

Source: Rudy Huyn