Nokia Storyteller

Nokia Storyteller automatically arranges photos taken with your Lumia Windows Phone, using HERE services for data and categorisation. There's nothing worse than a messy album of galleries and Storyteller helps make this an issue of the past.

We recently covered a seemingly minor update in a previous app update roundup, but it appears as though this latest version also introduced problems for many Windows Phone owners. To top it all off, the app is now currently unavailable to those with high-end Lumia hardware.

We're placing our bets on Nokia pulling the app due to issues caused by the latest release. Looking at some comments in our roundup article and reviews over on the store listing, those who have updated to (or installed) version have been met with not only app instability (crashes and lockups), but also albums not displaying properly and general issues with loading photos and stories. 

Nokia Storyteller

This all said, we'd strongly advise anyone with the update available for Storyteller to steer clear for now until a patch is released. You can download Nokia Storyteller Beta from the Windows Phone Store, should you be using a low-end Windows Phone (requires Lumia Amber software update) – we haven't had any issues on our Lumia 625. Let us know if you're able to download the app or if you've been having problems with the latest update.

We've reached out to Nokia and will let you know when the app is once again available for all Nokia hardware, which we expect to be when Nokia releases a patch to address problems consumers are currently faced with. Remember that this is beta, folks.

Thanks, xhesakh, for the tip!

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