WP Dev Center

Developers have been complaining about issues with the Windows Phone Developer Center where download reporting has ceased to function normally. The problem being that download data simply isn't displayed with a "zero" in its place, offering no value to developers who may wish to monitor how their work is performing on the store front.

Microsoft's Tamara took to the MSDN forum to announce the team is working on the issue:

"Some of you may have noticed that the download data in “App Download Report” shows zero in your dashboard. We are aware of the issues and working on resolving this as quickly as we can.  Please rest assured that this is just a reporting error and that you will appropriately be paid for all qualifying App sales."

The Windows Phone Developer Center (dev.windowsphone.com/) is the centralised command centre that offers functionality and management to developers. From publishing and managing apps to downloading the latest tools and documentation, it's a handy place to visit should you be looking to build some great apps for the platform.

Hopefully Microsoft will be able to rectify the issue soon.

Source: MSDN; thanks, Phil, for the heads up!