It's a sad day, folks. Rowi has announced that their free version of their popular Twitter client for Windows Phone has reached the 100,000 user limit for tokens.  This has provided the team with no other choice but to pull the app from the store. The paid version is still available though and if you previously purchased it, you'll have no problems should up switch to a new phone. In fact, there's nothing for paid users to worry about.

So what does this mean for Windows Phone consumers who are using the free, lite version?

If you haven't paid for Rowi, aka you wanted to try Rowi [Lite], unfortunately you're not going to be able to download the app any longer. Nor will you be able to re-authenticate or reinstall it should you get a new device. But as we mentioned above, for those who have downloaded and purchased the paid version, you'll be good to go should you invest in a new Windows Phone or have to reset and download again.

Rowi Tocken Limit

The team (as shown above) has teased that more information is to be released soon on what's next for Rowi. It's sad to see yet another Twitter client be affected by tight Twitter guidelines and restrictions. If you're left wondering what else is out there, the official Twitter client for Windows Phone isn't bad at all or you can buy Rowi, which is still considered to be one of the best paid clients around.

You can pick up Rowi paid for $2.99 here in the Store. Due to the token limit, there is no free trial.

Source: Twitter (Rowi)

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