Late last night some new images started floating around the internet from the social sharing site Weibo and another on The photos allegedly revealed the new Windows 10 format for the phone, something that Microsoft is expected to unveil this Wednesday.

As usual, many people are getting excited (or disappointed) at what was shown in the photos. Of course, the bigger question, to ask, is if they are real or not. In this case, those pictures are not accurate.

Here at Windows Central, we certainly understand the difficulty in sorting out the fake news from real news, after all, people are ingenious these days at creating some impressive fakes. Furthermore, the anticipation for Windows 10 and Windows Phone is, of course, very high, leading to a feeding frenzy of leaks and tidbits, something we are guilty of too.

For now, we just ask our audience to take these leaks with a grain of salt. We always try to verify such information before we post it, and that can take time. In other words, if we do not post something right away, it is likely due to us checking and re-checking the information.

Finally, go and enjoy the weekend with friends and family. All your questions are likely to be answered in a few days. Cheers.