Offline Map Updates

Offline maps are a handy Windows Phone feature that can help minimize the amount of data your Windows Phone consumes while plotting a course, navigating your travels or simply finding where you are.

The offline maps receive updates from time to time and we have gotten a few reports that several are receiving updates today. We can confirm that the Southern United States (at least Alabama, Florida and Georgia) are receiving updates as well as various European regions.

Not sure how to check for map updates? Head to your Windows Phone settings, side swipe over to the applications page and tap on the Maps option. Towards the bottom of the Maps settings screen, you will see an option to check for updates.

Tap that option and your Windows Phone will begin searching for updates to any of the offline maps you have installed. Just keep in mind that while updating, your map files will be unavailable.

The update size varies depending on how much ground and roadways a particular map covers. If your Windows Phone supports an expansion card, check out our How-to on installing your maps to a micro-SD card to save space on your in-house memory.

If you are seeing an update for your offline maps, let us know in the comments which maps you are using.

Thanks, Kevin, for the tip!