Xbox Music Error Code 803a00c

We all know that feeling. You read about an awesome app on Windows Phone Central and go to download only to see the Windows Phone Store throw up some error right in your face. You want to rage and throw your phone at a wall, but you don’t. And sometimes it’s not an app you want, but a new song or album and well you know where we’re going with this. Yup, Xbox Music isn’t working for some folks. Details after the break.

A little bit ago one of you tipped us about the Store giving out our favorite error – c101b000. On the team here I was the only one seeing it, but as of now the Store seems to be working for both the reader and myself. But Xbox Music is acting a fool. We tried streaming some music on our devices, but we’re getting error code 803a00c0. Lame.

Right now, over at the Xbox site, the status for Xbox Music and Video has a big orange exclamation mark. What that means is some users may experience difficulties with the following services:

You might be unable to browse, stream, download, or buy things at the Xbox Music and Video Store (also known as “Zune Marketplace”)

The issue is affecting the following Live platforms: Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox 360 Console,, and the Zune PC client. A messaged dated at 2:01 PM PDT states:

"Hi friends! We're aware some of you are experiencing issues purchasing things on the Xbox Music and Video Marketplace. Thanks for your patience while we work to find a solution! Check back here in 30 minutes for an updated message."

Be sure to let us know if you’re having errors either downloading apps in the Store or with Xbox Music. List your device, region/market, and what services you’re having issues with.

Thanks everybody for sending this in.

Source: Xbox Live Status