Instance for Windows Phone

If you want to have a somewhat coherent Instagram experience on Windows Phone the app to get has been Instance. It was one of the first apps (and most polished) that allowed users to upload pictures to the social network. However, we’re getting reports that the app isn’t working.

Instance was notable because it didn’t require a server in the middle to upload to Instagram. How did it do that? By using Instagram’s very own API. That approach offered a better experience for Instagram users on Windows Phone, but now seems to be causing some issues. A change on their part in regards to their API could be causing trouble for Instance users. That seems to be the case. 

Instance Broken

Try launching Instance right and it will give you a wrong username/password error. We’re getting the same error on both our paid and free versions of the app. We’ve reached out to the developer, Daniel Gary, to see if he has anything to add to the current situation. He let us know Instagram did change something and he's currently investigating it. We'll let you know of when a potential fix is coming.

[Update] Try relaunching the app a few times. It wasn't Instagram that changed their APIs, instead the keychain used to authenticate needed an upgrade. Should be working soon for all you beautiful people. 

Having troubles with Instance? Sound off below.

Thanks for the tip chadwick!