Developers Appy New Year

Microsoft is offering the first 500 AppHub developers to publish a Windows Phone app to the Marketplace a free Nokia Lumia 800 handset, to really set the ball rolling for 2012. Keeping the Lumia family fire at a heated blaze, the Windows Phone team will be handing out the 800s to developers who submit a completely new app that fits in with the following requirements:

  • Target Windows Phone 7.5;
  • Work as described;
  • Include Fast App Switching; and
  • Conform to Metro guidelines.
  • You must be a U.S. registered member of App Hub.

The app must have a release date that is, or between, January 1, 2012 and by February 10, 2012 (by 11:59 PM PST). Once the app has been submitted, developers can then send the following form in an email to

Name (matches App Hub account):
Mailing Address (where device will be shipped-not used by Microsoft for any other purpose):
App Hub Publisher/ISV ID #:
Application ID:
Marketplace deep link:
Application publication date:
Uses Fast app switching (yes or no):
Conforms to Metro guidelines (yes or no):

Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, this offer is only on the table for U.S. residents and only one entry per AppHub ID is allowed. Developers, get creative, and best of luck to be one of the lucky 500.