As far as RSS readers go, Pulse set the standard a few years ago by releasing their award-winning app for the iPad. Since then, the app has gone to the iPhone and Android as well, bringing it's unique and stunning UI along the way.

Today, Pulse has announced that they have developed a version of their news aggregating application for Windows Phone.  The Pulse app lets readers track their favorite news sites by displaying them in a mosaic that updates as content changes.  The WP7 will take this even further, utilizing live tiles, to bring new content to your home screen.  Users can list up to 20 sites from Pulse's 200+ content partners, as well as other sites of their choosing. Of note, this is just the first step in bringing Pulse to Windows Phone, so users should expect more features and a richer client with future updates.

Pulse also allows makes for easy sharing, via Twitter, Facebook and email buttons.  Content can also be texted to users' contacts.

Pulse has been submitted for certification to the Marketplace and it is expected to be available any day now.  We do know that Pulse will be a free app and once a Marketplace link becomes available, we'll update the post.  In the meantime, check out a video demonstration after the break. 

Update: Pulse is now available. Grab it here in the Marketplace. (Thanks, Mike P., for the heads up!)

Source: Pulse