Puzzle Quest 2

While several Xbox Live games have yet to go on sale, we still see the occasional repeat Deal of the Week. Last week it was Glow Artisan, and this week it’s Puzzle Quest 2 from Namco. Seeing as how this is the third time the $6.99 game has gone on sale for $4.99, maybe it’s time for a price drop.

Puzzle Quest 2 is a puzzle role-playing game. Players explore large dungeons, take on quests, and collect plenty of loot. Whenever a battle occurs, the fighting is done via Bejeweled-like match-3 gameplay. It’s an extremely long game with beautiful art, multiple playable characters, and several clever minigames.

A few problems like poorly-thought out Achievements, lengthy loading times, and annoying lack of Fast App Switching keep Puzzle Quest 2 from greatness. Still, the gameplay is just super addicting. If you like Bejeweled and RPGs, you really can’t do any better. Check out our exhaustively-researched (seriously!) review for more details.

Puzzle Quest 2 will be on sale for $4.99 for one week only. This gaming treasure can be found here on the Marketplace.

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