It seems Nokia is on a see-saw, on one side we have high levels of hype for the "Sea Ray" device and their volume shipment of devices in 2012. On the other side we have negativity surrounding their continued fall into darkness from once being the king of phones. The question still remains, will Windows Phone save Nokia?

Their recent report shows the company has an operating loss of almost half a billion Euro. Net sales of devices and services decreased year on year to €5.5 billion, with feature and smartphones dropping 20% and 32% respectively. Overall, Nokia (including Nokia-Siemens Networks and NAVTEQ) has net sales of €9.26 billion (down 7%).

What has caused the loss? Shipping volumes. Nokia shipped 20% fewer devices overall (88.5 million in total, compared to 111 million for Q2 2010). Smartphones took a massive decrease of 33%. As a small bonus, IP royalty payments went into Nokia's account, €430 million worth. On note with smartphones, Symbian is being passed onto Accenture for development and support through 2016.

While the report might be negative, Nokia still hold a decent amount of the market in China and are set to spend £80 million on UK marketing. So, once again, what do you guys think of Nokia's chances of survival with WP7? Are you prepared for a further downfall with Q3?

Source: Nokia, via: GSM Arena